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Eevee Evolutions in Pokémon GO

14 September 2020

Eevee Evolutions Pokémon GO

You may have encountered them as raid bosses or in the wild but Eevee and its evolutions have a genetic structure that is said to be: not stable. It can thus transform itself according to the environment in which it finds itself. Eevee and its eight evolutions can be found in all video games, animated series, cards, several films and various derived products (plush, figurine, lego, …).

The Game Freak team founded in Tokyo in 1989 imagined Eevee, and its evolutions were designed by Ken Sugimori. It is in 1996 that Eevee makes its appearance as well as its first three evolutions. They can be found in two video games: Pokémon Green and Pokémon Red. 20 years later, those same three evolutions arrived in Pokémon GO.

In fact, in Pokémon GO, eeveelutions came with its generation starting with Vaporeon, Jolteo and Flareon who were there from the start of Niantic’s game Pokémon GO, in 2016.

Eevee can only evolve once, but there are eight possible evolutions because each type is different. In the first generation of video games, Eevee, Jolteon, Flareon and Vaporeon appear. Umbreon and Espeon appear in the second generation and Glaceon and Leafeon in the fourth. Sylveon will only appear in the sixth generation which is not in Pokémon GO yet.

These Pokémon are found in the Pokédex, you can visit our Pokedex for Pokemon GO to learn more about all the other Pokemon. Eevee and its evolutions are number 133, 134, 135, 136, 196, 197, 470, 471 and 700 in the Pokédex. In 2018, the Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee game for Nintendo Switch is released and Eevee is the mascot where he evolves thanks to various stones or radiation.

Eevee measures around 15 inch or 30 cm and weighs around 14 pounds or 6.5 kg. It can be male or female. This mammalian Pokémon, quadruped and cuddly is inspired by the Japanese mythology Bake Danuki where species of canids with magical powers evolve.

Eevee is the first-generation Pokémon with the highest evolutionary capacity of any Pokémon, with a total of eight to its credit. It is mammalian, quadruped, canine (that sometimes looks more like a cat than a dog 🐈) and covered with brown and beige fur on its collar. It has a large tail and small legs with three toes, each with a pink pad. Its face has a small black nose, large brown eyes and pointed ears.

Eevee and its evolutions are nine species of Pokémon named :

  • Vaporeon
  • Jolteon
  • Flareon
  • Espeon
  • Umbreon
  • Leafeon
  • Glaceon
  • Sylveon

Let’s discover together who is Eevee and all their Eeveelutions.

What are the 7 evolutions of Eevee?

Vaporeon: The Water-type evolution of Eevee

Vaporeon: The Water-type evolution of Eevee

Vaporeon, Pokémon number 134 in the National Dex, is a Water-Type Pokémon.

Vaporeon is one of the evolutions of Eevee’s first-generation, water type.

Eevee’s water-type evolution physical features

Physically, Vaporeon is shared between marine and terrestrial animals. This quadruped has three toes on each leg and a dark blue pad in the front. Its body is light blue with a darker blue mark on the back and head. It has a caudal fin, a white collar at the neck and three beige fins instead of ears. If its fins start to vibrate, then it may start to rain in the following hours.

Vaporeon can be found in urban areas and somewhat in the countryside near some lakes. Its evolution was made to adapt more easily to the underwater life. Its cellular composition is very similar to that of water molecules. This faculty allows it to dissolve and hide when it swims. 🏊‍♀️

When Vaporeon is Shiny, its body is pink tending to purple. Its back and the top of its head become dark purple, the collar becomes white and the fins yellow. Vaporeon is able to heal certain alterations of status when it rains and does not suffer any damage when he is hit by a water capacity. Instead, it regains PVs.

In Pokémon GO as in other versions of the Pokémon game, Vaporeon is a very good Tank with a correct attack. In the early days of Pokémon GO, Vaporeon was frequently used in Gym battles.

How to get Vaporeon on Pokemon GO?

In order to evolve Eevee into Vaporeon, rename your Eevee as Rainer and use 25 Eevee candies to evolve it. Warning: this technique only works once, be sure to choose an Eevee with good IVs. If it is not the first time, you must use 25 Eevee candies but the evolution will be random.

Jolteon: The Electric-type evolution of Eevee

Jolteon: The Electric-type evolution of Eevee

Jolteon, Pokémon number 135 in the National Dex, is an Electric-Type Pokémon.

Jolteon, a possible evolution of Eevee, is a first-generation Pokémon of the Electric type.

Eevee’s electric-type evolution physical features

It represents a four-legged character with large ears and a white collar. Its tail is very short compared to other members of its family and its beige coat is bristly. ⚡

When Jolteon is Shiny, his coat turns green. When it is affected by an Electric ability, it becomes Volt absorbing and does not suffer any damage and gains PV. His speed is increased when he encounters a Speedy Foot.

How to get Jolteon on Pokemon GO?

The first time, Eevee has to be renamed Sparky to evolve into a Jolteon and will also need 25 Eevee candies. If it is not the first time, 25 Eevee candies must be used but the evolution will also be random.

Flareon: The Fire-type evolution of Eevee

Flareon: The Fire-type evolution of Eevee

Flareon, Pokémon number 136 in the National Dex, is a Fire-Type Pokémon.

Flareon is a first generation Pokémon of the Fire type.

Eevee’s fire-type evolution physical features

It is calm and very docile but becomes dangerous when it gets angry. It has the ability to store a lot of heat in its body and gives off large flames of up to 3,000°. It has an orange body and long ears. Its tail is very bushy and beige like its collar and the top of its head. 🔥

Flareon is the evolved form closest to that of Eevee. When it is Shiny, its coat is brown and its fur a little lighter. When Flareon is affected by a fire-like ability, he takes the opportunity to absorb heat and enhance his abilities. If he is affected by an alteration of status, the Cran increases his attack.

How to get Flareon on Pokemon GO?

The first time, to make Eevee evolve into a Flareon, you must rename it Pyro and use 25 Eevee candies. The following times, 25 Eevee candies will be necessary to make the evolution random.

Espeon: The Psychic-type evolution of Eevee

Espeon: The Psychic-type evolution of Eevee

Espeon, Pokémon number 196 in the National Dex, is a Psychic-Type Pokémon.

Espeon is a second generation Pokémon of the Psychic type.

Eevee’s psychic-type evolution physical features

Physically, Espeon is a quadruped mammalian moving on thin legs and small paws. His lilac-colored fur has a sensitive texture that allows him to feel the changes in the air. Espeon can thus predict the weather. Its tail ends in two appendages. His eyes are purple with white pupils. It has large ears, fur near the eyes and a red stone on the forehead.

Inspired by the Bakeneko which is a cat with supernatural powers and Nekomata which is a legendary ghost also resembling a cat which are two beings of Japanese folklore, Espeon is endowed with supernatural powers 🔮. The orb placed on his forehead also reminds us of the Carbuncle who is a creature from the Book of Imaginary Beings and comes from Latin American mythology.

Espeon’s ability to feel the change of time with the help of his fur also recalls the behavior of the cat who feels the breezes with the help of his moustache. The red stone he wears over his eyes helps him to strengthen the psychic powers he has learned to protect his Trainer. When his opponents start to move, Espeon’s tail starts to shiver. 📿

Espeon is very rarely found in the wilderness. We see him rather in an urban environment. When it is Shiny, Espeon is fluorescent green. To evolve, Espeon must be happy and only during the day. If Espeon is poisoned, burned or paralyzed by another Pokémon, Espeon becomes Syncro and shares this status with the other Pokémon. Espeon has the hidden power of Mirror Magik, which has the effect of canceling the effects of the abilities he experiences and returning him to his sender.

How to get Espeon on Pokemon GO?

If you don’t have an Espeon yet, you can control the evolution of Eevee into Espeon, it must be renamed Sakura and you should use 25 candies in order to evolve it. Afterwards, you’ll have to put him as a walking buddy, walk 10 km with him and rename him Sakura, add 25 Eevee candies and make him evolve into Espeon during the day.

Umbreon: The Dark-type evolution of Eevee

Umbreon: The Dark-type evolution of Eevee

Umbreon, Pokémon number 197 in the National Dex, is a Dark-Type Pokémon.

Umbreon is a second generation Pokémon of the Dark type.

Eevee’s dark-type evolution physical features

Its pupils are slit and it has a small snout. He looks like a black cat which is considered a bad omen. This resemblance could be related to its Dark type. In fact, it is not because in Japan, the black cat is considered a lucky animal. Umbreon also displays rings on her body resembling the jewels and marks of Bastet who is the goddess of the Moon and cats in Egypt. 🌘

His large ears are inspired by the Serval which is a large wild cat living in Africa. Umbreon’s tail is also very bushy. With the rings on her body, her ears and her forehead, Umbreon is luminous. His eyes are red and his body entirely black.

When it is Shiny, Umbreon is lighter and the rings become turquoise and the eyes are yellow. Umbreon evolves during the night when he is happy. When Umbreon is burned, poisoned or paralyzed by another Pokémon, he becomes in sync and shares status with his attacker. Umbreon is endowed with Awareness, which is a hidden talent that allows him to have a very strong mind that prevents his enemies from scaring him.

How to get Umbreon on Pokemon GO?

When it is the first time that Eevee evolves into Umbreon, he must be called Tamao. If it is not the first time it is necessary that Eevee is a walking buddy and walk 10 km together. Its name must also be Tamao. It is necessary to make him evolve at night by adding 25 Eevee candies.

Leafeon: The Grass-type evolution of Eevee

Leafeon: The Grass-type evolution of Eevee

Leafeon, Pokémon number 470 in the National Dex, is a Grass-Type Pokémon.

Leafeon is a Pokémon of the fourth generation of Grass type.

Eevee’s grass-type evolution physical features

Its appearance is similar to that of the fox, except that it looks vegetal. The coat is beige but its ears, tail, the wick on the forehead are green like the few leaves it carries on its body. Its eyes are similar to those of the doe and are hazelnut in color. The ears with brown inside are pointed like those of the elves. 🍃

Leafeon is a calm Pokémon that uses photosynthesis to purify the surrounding air. When it is Shiny, Leafeon has a darker body and lighter leaves. The Guard Leaf protects Leafeon from certain alterations when the sun begins to shine. This Pokémon has Chlorophyll as a hidden talent that allows it to double its speed under the sun.

How to get Leafeon on Pokemon GO?

If this is the first time that Eevee evolves into Leafeon, it must be renamed Linnea to make it evolve. It is also possible to get a Mossy Lure for 200 coins in the store. Like a normal lure, it must be used on a Pokéstop in order to be activated. These lures last for 30 minutes except during special events. It is possible to take advantage of the use of a lure by another player to make his evolutions and save his own.

When Eevee does not evolve for the first time in Leafeon, the player must have a Mossy Lure Module and use it and 25 Eevee candies to become Leafeon.

Glaceon: The Ice-type evolution of Eevee

Glaceon: The Ice-type evolution of Eevee

Glaceon, Pokémon number 471 in the National Dex, is an Ice-Type Pokémon.

Glaceon is a fourth-generation, ice-type Pokémon.

Eevee’s ice-type evolution physical features

This quadruped has a pale blue body and has hair-like outgrowths on the forehead resembling its tail. The markings on the body are dark blue diamond-shaped like the tips of its legs, tail and growths. Its eyes are dark blue with white pupils.

When it snows, Glaceon can hide thanks to the Snow Curtain which is her main talent. He controls the ice during attacks by making ice crystals ❄️ appear suspended around him.

When he is Shiny, its fur becomes lighter and his extremities like triangles become darker. The Snow Curtain allows Glaceon to increase dodge during hailstorms. Her hidden talent is the Gel Body which allows her to regenerate her PV during hailstorms.

How to get Glaceon on Pokemon GO?

If this is the first time, the Pokémon must be renamed Rea and then it can be evolved. If you already have a Glaceon, it is possible to obtain a frosty lure for 200 coins in the Shop. This lure must be used on a Pokéstop in order to activate it. These lures last half an hour except in some special events. You’ll have 30 minutes to make the Pokémon evolve.

Evolutions can also take place when another player uses a Lure Module. When the player is not in the Lure Module area, he or she cannot upgrade. If this is not the first time Eevee has evolved into Glaceon, you must have a Glacial Lure Module to evolve the Pokémon and 25 Eevee candies for Eevee to evolve into Glaceon.

Sylveon: The Fairy-type evolution of Eevee

Sylveon: The Fairy-type evolution of Eevee

Sylveon, Pokémon number 700 in the National Dex, is a Fairy-Type Pokémon.

Sylveon is a sixth generation Fairy type Pokémon.

Eevee’s fairy-type evolution physical features

Sylveon is a mammalian on four legs. Its legs, tail and ears are pink. Its fur is white. Two white and pink ribbons come to decorate its body and are hung on its left ear and neck. Two white trails with pink and blue tips come out. Sylveon exudes a soothing aura with her trails to stop the fights. These trails are also used to hold the hand of its Trainer. Sylveon’s eyes are blue and the pupils are white. His long legs end in three toes. Sylveon has two small fangs on the upper jaw and its tail forms a crescent. When the enemy attacks, Sylveon can distract him with its ribbons and dragons.

With its features and rounded ear shapes, this Pokémon reminds one of the full moon and the rabbit. The character could then be based on the lunar rabbit which is a legendary companion of the Chinese moon goddess Chang’e whose dress is adorned with many ribbons. Sylveon can also be based on the Easter rabbit bringing happiness and eggs to children. 🧚

When Sylveon is Shiney, the pink and blue of her body and dress are reversed. Sylveon with the Pretty Smile Talent can make the attacking Pokémon fall in love. Her hidden talent is the Fairy Skin which allows her to become a fairy type Pokémon increasing her powers.

How to get Sylveon on Pokemon GO?

Sylveon, the Fairy-type evolution of Eevee, is not available in Pokémon GO yet.

FAQ about Eevee evolutions

How do you get all the Eeveelutions in Pokemon go?

In order to obtain Eevee’s evolutions, we must make them evolve. First of all, Eevee must be a walking buddy. To do this, he must press the button on his avatar and then press the accompanying Pokémon or avatar. Then, press the two arrows at the bottom right of the screen and then yes, and choose Eevee from the list of Pokémon that are caught. It’s also good to know how to get or get more Eevee candy, as well :

  • Catching an Eevee will grant you 3 candies.
  • Catching an eeveelution will grant you 5 candies.
  • Transfering an eevee or its on of its evolutions to Professor Willow will grant you 1 candy.
  • Every 5 km walked with an Eevee or an evolution as a buddy will grant you 1 eevee candy.
  • For 1 to 3 candies, exchange an Eevee or an evolution for a Pokémon.
  • Catch an Eevee using a Pinap Berry to get 6 eevee candies.
  • Catch an Eeveelution using a Pinap Berry to get 10 eevee candies.
  • An egg will drop between 10 to 21 Eevee candies after you walked 5km for the egg to hatch.
  • Evolving an Eevee will drop you 1 candy.
  • And finally, it is still possible to exchange Super Candies for Eevee candies.

Can you control Eevee evolution Pokemon go?

Can you control Eevee evolution Pokemon go?

To get all Eevee’s evolutions, you have to rename them, but be careful, there are a few caveats. Above all, you must be careful to spell nicknames correctly and respect the capitalization of the first letter and not use accents. This nickname technique can only work once during an evolution. Therefore, if a player wants to send an Eevee into battle, he or she must first make sure that the Pokémon has enough favorable stats so as not to waste his or her chances.

Thus, Vaporeon, Flareon, and Jolteon that have been used once will undergo a random transformation the next time, regardless of their name.

  • For Leafeon, the Grass-type eeveelution, rename Eevee as Linnea
  • For Glaceon, the Ice-type eeveelution, rename Eevee as Rea
  • For Espeon, the Psychic-type eeveelution, rename Eevee as Sakura
  • For Umbreon, the Dark-type eeveelution, rename Eevee as Tamao
  • For Vaporeon, the Water-type eeveelution, rename Eevee as Rainer
  • For Jolteon, the Electric-type eeveelution, rename Eevee as Sparky
  • For Flareon, the Fire-type eeveelution, rename Eevee as Pyro

Which Eeveelution has the highest CP in Pokemon go?

Regarding CP, the Water-type Eeveelution Vaporeon has the hight CP in Pokémon GO. With a CP of up to 3157 at level 40, we may therefor consider it as the strongest Eevee evolution.

What is the weakest Eeveelution?

On the other hand, Umbreon, the Dark-type eeveelution, only max out at 2052 on level 40. It makes it the weakest eevee evolution in Pokémon GO.

What is the best Eeveelution in Pokemon Go 2020?

  • Vaporeon, the water-type eeveelution of Gen 1 has a max CP of 3157 at level 40.
  • Sylveon, the fairy-type eeveelution of Gen 6 will have a max CP of 3094 at level 40.
  • Espeon, the psychic-type eeveelution of Gen 2 has a max CP of 3000 at level 40.
  • Flareon, the fire-type eeveelution of Gen 1 has a max CP of 2904 at level 40.
  • Glaceon, the ice-type eeveelution of Gen 4 has a max CP of 2866 at level 40.
  • Leafeon, the grass-type eeveelution of Gen 4 has a max CP of 2849 at level 40.
  • Jolteon, the electric-type eeveelution of Gen 1 has a max CP of 2730 at level 40.
  • Umbreon, the dark-type eeveelution of Gen 2 has a max CP of 2052 at level 40.

What is the best time to evolve Eevee?

There is no best time to evolve Eevee, excepted if you want Espeon or Umbreon.

  • For Espeon you’ll need to walk with them for 10km then evolve it during the day when the grass is green and Pokemon GO is in light mode.
  • For Umbreon you’ll also need to walk with them for 10km then evolve it at night when the game is in dark mode.