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What raid bosses are in Pokemon go?

A Raid Boss is a Pokémon that takes over a Gym for 1 to 2hours. During this time your gym is not accessible for fighting and you can't feed berries to your Pokemon defending the gym. The raid boss is a lot stronger than its normal version you can encounter in the wild. You'll need help from other trainers to defeat this stronger pokemon in order to win a few prices (such as TM, berries and so on) and to have a chance of catching it.

Pokemon GO raid boss September 2020

Here is the complete list of September 12 raid bosses:

FAQ about raid bosses in Pokemon GO

Why are there no raids in Pokemon go at night?

Raids will start early in the moring (around 7a.m.) and stop in the evening (around 9p.m.). As most raids occur at specific public places and business. In order to decrease the number of incidents and degradations at those place, it's fair bet to think that Niantic didn't want for Pokémon GO to have an even worst press if anything happened. This is why Pokémon GO raid bosses stop at night.

What is the next raid boss in Pokemon go?

The next raid boss rotation date is still unknown but be sure to see it first on this page!

What is the ex raid boss September 2020?

There are no EX raid boss as of March 2020. As EX raid boss require interaction between trainers in real life and because of Covid-19 Coronavirus,Niantic announced on Twitter that they decided to halt EX raid bosses since then.

Who is an ex raid boss?

EX raid boss or Exclusive Raid Boss are legendary raid bosses but invite only.

Past EX Raid bosses include:

How do you get invited to ex raids?

Eligibility criterias are still quite vague but those raid battles you'll need to regularly visit an EX Gym (you can see the label on gyms affected) and be worthy enough to get an invitation: an EX raid pass.

Can you solo raid bosses in Pokemon go?

Depending on your level, you can beat a Raid Boss up to 2-3 stars own your own(representing the difficulty, the maximum stars, for legendaries, being 5). It's recommended to choose the right Pokemons and fight in teams with other fellow trainers! This app helps you for the first part, select the right mons to counter the raid boss.

Can you solo a level 1 RAID?

Yes, level 1 raid bosses are fairly easy to beat on your own with simple Pokemons

Can I beat a level 2 raid by myself?

Yes, you can beat a level 2 star raid by yourself with Pokémon of level 30 or more. It's going to be even easier if you pay attention to the weaknesses of the raid boss you're trying to beat, if you're not sure what Pokemons to use, take a look at our Pokémon GO Type Chart guide.

Can you beat a level 3 raid by yourself?

Yes, most 3 stars raid bosses is the last level of raids you can potentialy beat. However you'll still need Pokémon level at least 35+ to have a chance. Also, be sure to take super effective Pokemons taking a look at our Pokémon GO Type Chart guide. For instance, you can solo an Aerodactyl raid with Pokémon such as Metagross.

Can you solo a 4 star raid?

No, you can not solo a 4 star raid. We recommend at least 3 or 4 players to beat easily a raid boss of that level. For instance, Lapras is a level 4 raid boss and can not be solo-ed.

Can you beat a 5 star raid by yourself?

Don't even dare trying, it's impossible to beat a Level 5 raid boss or more