Pokemon Go creators (Niantic) partner with Qualcomm for the future of augmented reality

Niantic, the studio that created "Pokémon Go", "Ingress" and "Harry Potter: Wizards Unite", works with Qualcomm on a pair of glasses entirely dedicated to augmented reality, and more.

Augmented reality is a vast technology, particularly used in certain mobile applications intended for the general public, but its use remains limited today. However, the potential is there: Qualcomm - which manufactures the majority of the processors in our smartphones - is sufficiently convinced of this to offer its Snapdragon XR2 hardware platform, in part to support the development of virtual reality, mixed reality and augmented reality. And on this second point, Qualcomm announced a long-term partnership with Niantic.

Pokemon GO Niantic Augmented reality kit showing how it works

As the Snapdragon XR2 chip takes advantage of 5G, it will enable a more fluid mobile experience in applications that require a high data rate, such as augmented reality. Niantic's mission is to optimise its toolbox called Real World Platform, to offer third party developers everything they need to better integrate RA into their future applications and video games. But that's not all, as Niantic and Qualcomm plan to realise their shared vision through a pair of glasses dedicated to virtual reality. The latter will logically include an XR2 chip. "We look forward to helping advance the entire PLAR industry by working with Qualcomm Technologies to define a truly comprehensive architecture - including software, hardware and storage solutions" said Phil Keslin, co-founder and CTO of Niantic in a blog post.

Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 - AR glasses by Qualcomm

However, we should not expect an immediate revolution: the partnership between Qualcomm and Niantic will last several years, but with the combined expertise of these two companies, this could be huge.