Pokémon GO Detective Pikachu Event Guide

Pokémon GO Detective Pikachu event lasts 10 days. It comes with the Movie Detective Pikachu. It’s awesome for new players as you’ll see a lot of Charizard and Flareon in the wild but also because with it’s double XP bonus on Catch, it’s a great way to level up!

Pokémon GO Detective Pikachu Guide Event Description We got bonuses : increased spawn rates. Increased Movie Spawns Movie-themed Raids Movie-themed Research 2x Catch XP It’s very important to take advantage of this event, especially if you are a lower level player. With increased spawns and double experience when catching Pokémon, you can get a real XP boost during this event.

During the event, Aipom and its evolution Ambipom are available as shinies for the first time. You’ll need a Sinnoh Stone to evolve Aipom into Ambipom.

In addition, Detective hat Pikachu added to the game but not for its Shiny version. Detective Pikachu also appears on Go Snapshots so be sure to snap yours!

Research Tasks Catch the Seed Pokémon that is seen walking in a river. (Catch a Bulbasaur). Treecko (cp 417 – 451 *). Catch the Water-type Pokémon carried in a bagpack. (Catch a Psyduck). Magikarp (cp 99 – 117 *). Catch the Fire-type Evolution of Eevee. (Catch 2 Flareon). Arcanine (cp 1239 – 1298). Catch 10 Jigglypuff, Aipom or Snubull. Ditto (cp 326 -356). In addition to the Research Tasks above, be sure to catch the increased spawn Shiny Pokémons : Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Psyduck, Cubone and Snubbull.

New Avatar Items! A Free Detective Pikachu Hat and Shirt are available in the Style Shop.

Raid Bosses Also, New Raid Bosses are available and are listed in Raid Boss for Android and iOS!

The Pokémon GO Detective Pikachu event started on Tuesday, May 7, 1 PM PDT and ends Friday, May 17, 1 PM PDT.